Transforming blockages into breakthroughs




Effective communication is a key ingredient for success in the workplace. It can resolve conflict and create synergy. In this training, we shift paradigms, create community and provide practical techniques that participants can immediately apply. This may include:

  • Effective Communication (i.e. how best to communicate during stressful situations, learning how to ask for help, understanding communication styles, etc.)

  • Learning how to set personal and professional boundaries

  • Reinforcing a deeper understanding of the employer’s mission, employment role and responsibilities and the needs of the community being served

  • Simple, practical techniques for better focus, creative development, inspired leadership and team-building


“Gemnasium consistently offers an extraordinary level of expertise and emotional intelligence to those seeking a holistic staff training experience. This life changing approach affords them the capability of simultaneously nurturing each individual and the group as a whole in a way that allows each entity to evolve both personally and professionally.”

 Charlene Mitchell, STH Content Expert (NYC Students in Temporary Housing Program)