Transforming blockages into breakthroughs




Many parents are challenged with difficult decisions and circumstances, i.e: poor emotional/physical health, dysfunctional home lives, doubled up living, shelter living, and many of the various components associated with the disease of poverty

  • Gemnasium offers parents encouragement and daily living tools for personal wellness, to strengthen the relationships with their children and to assist in guiding them throughout their adolescent / teenage years.
  • Developing awareness of the experience created for the child(ren) through projection of personal fears
  • Overcoming fears that create mental and emotional blockages, which hinder their own personal / professional success, as well as the ability to be a positive, active role model for the child(ren)


“I am a mother who has lost a child to Gun Violence, with three surviving sons; It was in one of Kheperah’s parent workshops that I learned to identify the needs of my children and understand how they express their grief. I learned that children react and feed off our energy, so if I’m tense, aggravated or stressed, I can pass these vibrations to my children without realizing it. Kheperah gave me tools that help me remain calm when my son’s are letting me know in their own creative way that a situation is arising within each of them.”

— Shenee Johnson, Mother (President, LIFE Support Organization for Moms)